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Fast growth businesses in the UK are flying. Across a number of sectors from fintech to biotech, digital media, marketing and entertainment, scale-up businesses are attracting increasing interest from VC funds. 

But the financing requirements of these businesses are highly complex, particularly as many will be pre-profit whilst investing in scaling-up and building market share.

This is where we can help by providing Growth Capital: a debt finance solution designed to help VC-backed businesses continue to grow rapidly between funding rounds.

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Growth Capital at a glance

Debt finance for fast growth VC-backed businesses:

  • Quantum: £1m - £10m limit
  • Term: 1-3 year term
  • Debt to equity: < 33%
  • Security: Debenture
  • Repayment: Fully amortising. Interest and capital repayable in monthly instalments

Key client characteristics

  • Presence of existing investor (VC, PE or Family Office) present in company shareholding;
  • Enterprise value +£10m (based on previous fund raising)
  • Growth of 20%+ forecasted for next 12 months
  • Minimum existing sales revenue of £1m
  • Existing contracts with diversified client base
  • Working towards break-even

Key advantages of working with us

  • Industry experience and understanding, enabling fast and informed decision making
  • Dedicated Growth Capital team to ensure seamless execution and on-going support
  • A product designed specifically to help fast growth companies:
    • continue to invest in product and infrastructure;
    • acquire users and build market share;
    • maintain focus and momentum; and
    • preserve equity by raising funds without diluting share capital

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