Proton Partners International

09 March 2018

Proton Partners International is a UK pathfinder in creating proton beam therapy centres, to be named the Rutherford Cancer Centres, which are set to become hubs of excellence for advanced cancer treatment.

As a result of extensive expertise and our established reputation in the healthcare asset finance market and, specifically, knowledge of cancer therapy assets, Shawbrook Bank was approached by Proton Partners International to provide funding for three leading cancer therapy centres. 

Shawbrook Bank responded by delivering a £30 Million asset finance facility to equip the ground-breaking centres with advanced proton beam therapy technology, working closely with Proton Partners International and the world-leading manufacturers.

Proton Partners International now has plans to build further UK and international centres which will make them the world’s largest operator of proton beam therapy. Currently, they have four UK centres, the first in Newport has already opened, with centres in Northumberland and Reading nearing completion and a further one in Liverpool has also begun construction.

Mike Moran, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Partners International said: “Proton Partners International has been extremely successful in fundraising for this innovative and exciting project that will transform cancer treatment in the UK. The facility from Shawbrook Bank is welcome as it underpins the financial strength of the company. We trust Shawbrook because they have a deep understanding of our market and of our business. As a result, they have tailored the financing specifically to meet our development requirements.”

Andy James, Managing Director, Healthcare at Shawbrook Bank commented: “Shawbrook is delighted to support Proton Partners International and their significant contribution to the treatment of cancer. In this instance, our knowledge of the equipment and our understanding of the direction of travel for the treatment of cancer, demonstrates our dedication to the healthcare sector, which goes beyond the assets we finance. We get to know our customers and their ambitions, building long-term partnerships to meet their evolving needs.”

Image courtesy of IBA

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