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Professionalising performance off the pitch

The latest Premier League TV deal provided £8.3 billion for the Premier League clubs. The new English Football League deal has increased by 36% on the previous deal to £600 million for 5 years, as from 2019. At Shawbrook Bank, we recognise that whilst there has never been so much money going into football, it has had an inflationary impact on the market for players, and the contractual payments structure from TV requires astute financial management. In a fast-paced transfer market, where the cost of players is ever-increasing, clubs need to move quickly, and we can help make that happen.

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Our Approach

Our dedicated Sports Finance team has extensive experience in the sector, enabling us to provide expert guidance on funding options to help manage your business in accordance with the changing industry regulations.

Areas we finance

We provide a range of finance solutions to meet your needs including:

  • Transfer fee funding
  • Broadcast/Central Funds receivables (Premier League only)
  • Parachute payments
  • Other commercial revenue streams

How we can help

With changing regulations and an increasing need to professionalise the way finances are managed, we can help to:

    • Supply external debt solutions in accordance with the Financial Fair Play, Short-Term Cost Control and Profitability & Sustainability Rules
    • Provide fair competition within the Sports Finance marketplace
    • Give a professional, thoughtful and human approach to doing business in the industry

The Shawbrook difference

    • We have a dedicated Sports Finance team, ensuring swift response and expert execution
    • We are aligned with the new regulations that mean football clubs can only enter into transactions with on-shore, regulated entities who have a banking licence and can accept deposits
    • Our team know that every club has a unique story, meaning we work to understand your personal business needs

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