Asset finance for aviation

Flight planning for future success

The aviation industry continues to be a UK success story, with over 1,490 commercial aircraft rolling off the production lines in 2017 alone. While this number broke all previous records, the sector continues to grow across the board, from manufacturing and engineering through to training, support and maintenance. Demand for aviation is flying.

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Asset finance for aviation

Our Approach

At Shawbrook, we finance a wide range of aircraft and related aviation equipment. Whatever part of the industry you’re active in, from aerial surveying to commercial airline maintenance, we can help. By taking the time to understand your business and where you want to take it, we can offer a range of funding solutions tailored to meet your needs.

From replacing business critical kit to releasing cash from your existing aircraft or equipment to fund growth, find out how we can help.

Aviation assets we finance

Typical aviation assets we can finance include:

  • Light sports aircraft and some microlights, single and twin piston-engine aircraft, cabin-class single and twin piston aircraft
  • Cabin-class single and twin turboprop aircraft
  • Piston-engine helicopters
  • Single and twin-turbine helicopters
  • Light business jets
  • Ground handling and airfield equipment
  • Flight simulators
Aviation assets we finance

The financial solutions we offer

One size doesn’t fit all, and that’s especially true in an industry as diverse as aviation. We provide a range of solutions, including aircraft leasing and equipment loans, which are secured by a mortgage on the asset.

We may also be able to offer the following facilities:

  • Asset-based lending - use your business assets as security for credit
  • Invoice discounting - get instant cash from money tied up in your outstanding invoices
Solutions we offer

Why choose Shawbrook for aviation finance?

  • We have a dedicated, experienced aviation team to support you through the process
  • We apply a flexible approach, with facilities and payment schedules to suit your business
  • Our understanding and experience of the industry means we can make fast, informed decisions

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