We strive to offer fast and simple processes to our partners

*New* Shawbrook app
Shawbrook’s new iPad and iPhone app helps frontline sales staff perform loan calculations in ‘real time’ in the customer’s home. "Sliders" give clients a live illustration and shows how they can control the life of their loan by making overpayments. The app has been designed to be available at all times, even when there is no cellular or WiFi coverage.

Simple application forms
Our 'no fuss' forms are quick and easy to fill out - designed with the customer in mind.

Instant applications
Our iPad compatible online application service can approve applications instantly. If your case is referred to our underwriting team we aim to make a decision within 30 minutes – but it’s usually faster. Existing partners wishing to access our online system please click here.

No paper required…
Contracts that used to take days to sign, now take a matter of minutes with our new integrated e-signature and ID verification service.

Text back service
This fast and effective service provides all the financial information you need to complete the finance paperwork. It couldn’t be simpler. Existing partners wishing to access our online ‘text back’ service, using your unique code, please click here.