Remi Sanni, ‘Fun 4 Tots’ day nursery, Wakefield

Remi Sanni had worked in one of Leeds City Council’s children centres before she decided to take on her own childcare business – a day nursery in Wakefield called Fun 4 Tots. Remi loves children and she loves working in a managerial capacity. Her aptitude for work in both these areas was confirmed by a great Ofsted inspection report on the nursery after she became the owner.

The nursery became even more popular following this report, and Remi looked into ways to improve the service further. First on the list was ceasing to be a tenant and purchasing the nursery property. As a credit-worthy business in a good position to expand, Remi didn’t anticipate any difficulty in accessing the funds to do this.

“We initially took over the business with the help of a loan from a high street bank in 2011,” Remi explains. “However, when we got to the point where we wanted to buy the building we operate from rather than renting it, that same bank couldn’t help us.”

Remi enlisted the help of a broker, Burley Business Finance, who introduced her to Shawbrook Bank. “Before then I had never even heard the name Shawbrook,” she explains, “but I’m glad we were pointed to it, as the deposit Shawbrook required was so much more manageable than those of high street banks.”

“Shawbrook opened up just the opportunity I was looking for, and I would recommend the bank to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to mine.”



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