Key Product Information

At Shawbrook, we’re committed to keeping things simple and transparent. When you apply for a loan or a mortgage, or make a deposit in one of our savings products, you’ll always know just where you stand.

Application forms

Business savings account opening form

To open a business savings account, download this form.

Other information

Withdrawn products

You can look up the rates on withdrawn accounts. These are products that are no longer offered. However if you already have one, then your money will continue to earn interest at the published rates but you will not be able to top it up.

Verifying your identity

Before we can open an account for you, we are required by law to verify your identity and address.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Find out important information about our financial services compensation scheme.

Business savings accounts T&Cs

The following Terms and Conditions cover business savings accounts with Shawbrook Bank Limited.

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